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Thermal building concept

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Building concepts we work with

As market leader, Roma has nearly 40 years of experience in modular insulated construction systems. 
We advise, design and realise projects for clients in a wide range of sectors. Because each project and every customer is different, we apply our building concepts. That’s why you can always expect customised work from us.

We distinguish 5 insulation building concepts that we can combine:

  • Thermal
  • Food care
  • Gastight
  • Fire-safe
  • Architectural

  • Thermal building concept

    When building cold rooms, freezer rooms, refrigerated and deep-freeze warehouses, we create a guaranteed optimal insulated building envelope. Damp-proof and thermal bridge-free for creating the right conditions. For this application, we have developed the thermal building concept.

    How we build this for your project can be seen below.

  • Optimal insulating performance of coldstore panels with a unique labyrinth-like joint
  • Vapour-tight and constructive building, thermal bridge free
  • Perfect seals on all exterior wall, roof, and interior wall and ceiling connections
  • Creation of necessary vapour resistant layer
  • Long-term prevention of condensation and ice formation

  • vriesdeur voor thermisch bouwconcept: brandwerend en automatisch bediend

    In addition, Roma Products can customize the matching coldstore or freezer doors. In summary, Roma can provide you with the complete insulation building, in which all the components are matched. Some examples of the successful and proven applications of the thermal building concept are:

  • extension coldstorage and deep-freeze warehouse ADB Cool Company (NL)
  • high bay deep-freeze warehouse McCain-Kloosterboer Harnes (France)
  • distribution centres Lidl in Waddinxveen (NL), Heerenveen (NL) Weert (NL)

  • high bay deep-freeze warehouse McCain-Kloosterboer Harnes (France)

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    Foodsafe building concept

    When building foodsafe production and storage areas, we create a guaranteed optimal basis for the right hygienic conditions. For foodsafe conditioned rooms, we have developed the foodsafe building concept. How we create this for you, see below.

  • Analysis of the building plan to create and preserve hygienic conditions
  • Use of foodsafe certified insulated construction materials
  • Construction with concealed fittings
  • Foodsafe colum cladding and foodsafe wall or wall/ceiling corners
  • Use of foodsafe welded door furniture and foodsafe door hardware
  • Building rooms suitable for daily cleaning

  • bakkerij rvs isolatiepanelen en rvs koeldeuren Roma

    We apply the foodsafe building concept in the food industry and pharmaceutical sectors, among others. With its foodsafe building concept, Roma Projects meets to the needs of the standards and strict guidelines as laid down in the IFS, BRC, GMP and GDP.

    Through our flexible approach, together with the Roma Products division you can realise additional wishes for the foodsafe setup of rooms tailored to your specifications, even during the execution of the construction phase. Examples are doors with portholes, stainless steel windows or pass-throughs and finishes for ducts and plinths.

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    Some examples of the foodsafe building concept are:

  • extension seafish wholesaler Langbroek in IJmuiden (NL)
  • new premises poultry processor Esbro in Wehl (NL)
  • new premises cheesemaker CONO Kaasmakers in Westbeemster (NL)
  • new premises Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam (NL)

  • Gastight building concept

    You have plans for building a new coldstorage under Ultra Low Oxygen or Controlled Atmosphere conditions? Especially for cool and ULO or CA-conditions we developed our gastight building concept.
    This can also be applied to building fireproof high-rise coldstores, freezing warehouses or gas-tight rooms for fumigation.

    With the gastight building concept you will be able to control the conditions for treatment and storage of your products optimally.

    How do we build a storage to create optimum control of temperature, relative humidity and oxygen level? 

  • Use of insulated panels especially designed for coldstorage with unique joints
  • In-house production of horizontal and vertical sliding gastight doors
  • Tested modular insulated panel construction details especially for gastight applications
  • Unique sealing method tailored to gastight conditions
  • Production building materials as well as assembly on location under one roof: whole concept in-house
  • Certainty through testing method with guarantee

  • The customized ULO gastight sliding and lifting doors we produce in-house and install itself, will help you to optimize the available space in the shed. ULO inspection hatches, test tubes and lungs for the storage of low-oxygen air are other parts that complete the gas-tight building concept.

    Before use of the ULO cell, we measure leakage density to the standard of 0.1 cm² per 100 m³ of cell volume. This is supported by a certificate.

    In summary, Roma Projects provides you with the complete insulation building structure, in which all the components are matched! Besides this our division Roma Products produces and installs customized gastight doors and hatches for your ULO or CA-storage.

    Examples of projects for fruit storage cells:
    -new building and expansion of Zederik cooling center in Tienhoven
    -new building and expansion of ULO cell complex Royal Fruitmasters Geldermalsen
    -expansion of Belgian Fruit Auction Sint-Truiden (Belgium).

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    Fire-safe building concept

    We apply the fire-safe building concept (also known as sandwichpanel construction concept) in combination with our other building concepts. It is not about just using fire safe and insurer approved sandwich panels or fire doors. It is important that they are also applied in accordance with the fire resistance certificates together with local legislation and fire-safe insulation construction details.
    This requires an integral approach and method with all parties involved. A key issue for Roma is good cooperation with the parties involved.

    Fire-safe sandwichpanel construction concept

  • Use of construction materials with fire resistance certificates
  • Detailing and assembly of a fire-safe sandwich panel construction
  • Approval and consultation with fire brigades, insurers and other building partners
  • Integral coordination with other Roma building concepts

  • brandwerende isolatiepanelen en brandwerende bedrijfsdeur

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    Architectural building concept

    The architectural building concept allows outstanding architecture for industrial and commercial buildings to be achieved, even under demanding conditions. We apply the architectural building concept in projects where the exterior or interior wall forms part of a sandwich panel building and combined with the other building concepts.

  • Aesthetic application of the sandwich construction method
  • Extensive portfolio of combinations of different types of coating and colour
  • Proposals based on the ideas, translated into a practical building plan
  • Insulation advice and alternatives for exterior wall cladding
  • Integral coordination with the other Roma building concepts

  • Some examples of the architectural building concept include:
    new premises for cheesemaker CONO Kaasmakers, bakery Bakkerij Hoogvliet Bleiswijk and Centro Auto in Wijnegem (Volvo-Belgium).

    Architectonisch bouwconcept

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    Market developments


    Building Information Model of management stands for a methodology that promotes an integral approach to a building project. More than in the traditional structures, BIM works integrally with all parties involved. The most important objectives are improvement of quality, less failure costs and shortening of the completion time. More consultation in advance saves both time and costs at the construction site. With the BIM tool Revit, own 3D-BIM-draftsman and BIM library, Roma can offer you added value for your project.

    Some of our completed construction projects in BIM are:

  • new premises for bakery Bakery Hoogvliet Bleiswijk (NL)
  • insulated building envelope DC Lidl Waddinxveen, Weert and Heerenveen (NL)
  • new premises for Kloosterboer Cool Port Rotterdam (NL)
  • rebuilding of the coldstore warehouse Goes De Meern (NL)

  • View BIM-project


    This is not one of Roma’s own building concepts. BREEAM stands for a methodology that provides insight into the sustainability of a building project. The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) issues a certificate for both design and completion of a new construction or renovation project. In more and more sandwichpanel construction projects, clients aim for sustainability with as high a qualification as possible. This also brings financial benefits.

    Roma Isolatiesystemen contributes to gaining credits for a BREEAM-NL certification in the main categories: Energy, Materials and Waste.

    Some projects in which we contributed to achieve a BREEAM-NL certificate:

  • new processing meat factory Berkhout/Langeveld/WDP Wijchen (NL)
  • new slaughterhouse Hutten en Zonen in Heeten (NL)
  • new DC Lidl in Waddinxveen, Heerenveen Weert (NL)
  • new coldstore construction project Kloosterboer Cool Port Rotterdam (NL)
  • new processing meat factory Diviande Veenendaal (NL)
  • extension building complex Europastry Oldenzaal (NL)
  • new factory building Van Gelder Groente en Fruit Ridderkerk (NL)
  • new DC Ahold HSC Bleiswijk (NL)
  • new factory building Ruitenberg Ingredients Ruinerwold (NL)

  • BREEAM certificaat voor nieuwbouw

    BREEAM-NL credits with Roma isolatiesystemen

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