World premiere in fire resistance testing hinged doors for coldrooms and freezers


World premiere in fire resistance testing hinged doors for coldrooms and freezers

Industrial-, cold room and freezer doors fire resistant tested in sandwichpanel construction wall

Roma Products, the door division of Roma Netherlands, launched an entirely new series of hinged doors: High Care (HC). Additionally a series of fire rated hinged doors with the same appearance (HC-BW). To this end, the new coldroom and freezer hinged doors have been fire resistant tested as they actually work in practice. A test setup was built in a insulated sandwich panel construction wall including a window with fire resistant glass in the door leaf.

The manufacturer and installer of insulated doors achieved a world premiere in fire-resistant passage technology for conditioned rooms. Previously, there were no tested solutions for this.

High Care

The doors are extremely suitable for heavy duty in High Care food processing and storage areas. They have been designed according to the highest hygienic guidelines. First and foremost this is shown by their robust appearance. Secondly, through the use of suitable foodsafe coatings and purely inorganic materials. Thirdly, by the stainless steel frame with beveled edge. Miter welded in the corners. Rounded shapes of parts remain free of dirt and rinse water.


The doorconcept, hardware and appearance of the new fire-rated hinged doors are made suitable for application in ambient as well as cooling and freezing temperatures. Due to their specific construction they perform excellent in terms of insulation. Installation is possible for indoor and outdoor locations, in insulated sandwichpanel construction, concrete or metal stud wall.


The industrial, cold room and freezer hinged doors comply with the standards of 30, 60 or 90 minutes fire resistance in relation to the criteria of flame density (E), radiation (W) and thermal insulation (I).

Tested is a single leaf version with window in accordance with NEN-EN 1634-1:2014 and within the framework of CE marking.

Fire rated hinged doors, High Care, series KDD/VDD-HC-BW

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