New SCC* 2017/6.0 certificate received


New SCC* 2017/6.0 certificate received

Succesfull audit

Roma Nederland B.V. has received the new SCC* 2017/6.0 certificate from the inspecting Bureau Veritas. This certificate means a positive step in the certification process and a recognition of its change and improvement processes. Each year, Bureau Veritas audits the organization to continue to guarantee that the SCC* 2017/6.0 certificate is legally valid.

Safety should never and never be at the expense of the lowest price. Roma isolatiesystemen pursues an active policy to ensure safe behaviour and safe working practices. This may sound like a superfluous or an open door. But by continuously attention to safety, we raise awareness.

Toolbox, workplace inspection and LMRA

As part of our daily work, safety must be part of our behavioural pattern. Increase of safety awareness, reduces the number of accidents and their associated risks absence. To achieve this goal, we use a toolbox. This is a short meeting in which we use text or images to encourage people to reflect on how to act safely in the performance of their daily duties.

In addition to toolboxes, there are also regular workplace inspections, (near) accidents reports and Last Minute Risk Analyses. The latter means nothing more than that you have to constantly assess the situation/workplace for possible risks and dangers and respond to them immediately. By doing so, we are less likely to interrupt or slow down the construction project.

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