Climate chambers


Climate chambers

Insulated construction for climate chambers

Extreme conditions

The smallest details are important in machine casings and test and climate rooms for quality assurance. The structural physical properties are just as extreme and rare as for the applications in practice. Our climate chambers are subjected to continually changing and extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, corrosive atmosphere, dryness, humidity or vibrations.

To create and maintain these conditions, Roma Products designs and builds special climate rooms. Sealed gastight from the inside or vapour-proof from the outside: meeting the specific performance requirements is the first consideration. With close to forty years of experience in specialised insulated construction, our climate-controlled construction method boasts an excellent track record for diverse applications. The greater quality of labyrinth joint insulated panels comes into its own precisely for these applications.

Klimaatkamers via isolatiebouw met hogere kwaliteit isolatiepanelen met een labyrintverbinding van Roma Weiss 2


You are not bound at standard types with us, but have every freedom to design your own customised insulated construction together with us in co-makership and to have us build it for you. Built in our factory or (partly) on location. You draw up the specifications. We have the building materials, simulation engineering software, expertise and decades of experience in house.

Would you like to know more about building a climate chamber or machine casing? Are you wondering which of the above options in your situation is the best? Please contact us for advice, free of obligation.

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