Climate cabinets


Climate cabinets

Optimum temperature control for Océ Copiers machine parts

Machine parts must be in an environment with the correct conditions, which are also of crucial importance to the quality of the document in the process of copying, plotting and printing. The well-known copier manufacturer Océ wanted temperature control for its machines with a relative humidity of 65% (+/-3%) and a temperature of +45°C, without exposure to light.

klimaatkast lichtdicht

Absolutely lightproof and free of condensation

The aim was to stabilise the photoelectric layers, which results in a stable product. In technical jargon this process is also called ‘ripening’. Roma Products manufactured the insulated construction for the climate cabinets which are absolutely lightproof, free of condensation and mobile. Client DKC Totaaltechniek was then able to install the equipment for precise climate conditions and confidently deliver the whole to the copier manufacturer.

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