Noise enclosure chocolate machine


Noise enclosure chocolate machine

Noise enclosure for knock-out station chocolate moulds

Soundproofing and hygienic building kit

An engineering company in Belgium approached Roma Products with the request to make a housing for a knock-out station. This is a machine that releases chocolate figures from their moulds after they have cooled down. The requirement of the end customer didn’t focus on thermal insulation in this application, but on a soundproof and foodsafe solution. Easy access to various parts of the knock-out station was also required for maintenance purposes.

Roma Products designed a stainless steel and sound insulated housing that is made up of removable and hinged hatches and panels. All the permanent panels are mounted from the inside out on a frame, and all removable hatches and panels can easily be disassembled and reassembled from the outside.

Upon completion, the engineering company attended the assembly and disassembly of the housing in the assembly hall of Roma Products. Following this, they were able to build the knock-out station themselves and deliver it to the chocolate factory of the end user.

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