Refrigerated container extension


Refrigerated container extension

Janssen Pharmaceutica

The Life Sciences and Health sector contributes like no other to the quality of health of humans and animals. Pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers develop vaccines to combat an increasing number of viruses and epidemics. Following the exhaustive testing of these vaccines, they are produced and distributed in large volumes, using mobile temperature-controlled units. Usually they go to developing countries dominated by high temperatures and poor hygienic conditions.

Refrigerated container extension with customised insulated construction

Together with client Coolworld Rentals, Roma Products devised a solution for unloading the stock of Janssen Pharmaceutica's vaccines from the mobile temperature-controlled units, while maintaining the required temperature, for example at -60°C. In addition to the redesign of the front of the refrigerated containers, Roma Products was also responsible for the implementation, using our own technicians on site. The specification of the temperature-controlled unit, the situation on location and the endeavour to build a maximum vapour-tight front airlock required customisation and close consultation with the client Coolworld Rentals.

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