C.J. Langbroek Zeevisgroothandel in IJmuiden


C.J. Langbroek Zeevisgroothandel in IJmuiden

Extension of the business premises of C.J. Langbroek seafood wholesale for the processing and storage of fresh fish with insulated construction on the ground floor and first floor (total approx 950 m² gfa). Filleting room, shipping department, deep-freeze rooms and cold stores, dry storage rooms and facility rooms.
 This extension is a great practical example of the application of the Roma food care building concept. Huurre insulating panels with a smooth finish and a 50mu PET coating were chosen for this project.

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One characteristic feature of this project is the large variety of doors: hinged doors (also fire-resistant), stainless steel sliding doors with compact and sturdy door leaves, and high-speed roller doors.
 In close cooperation with the client and supplier, Roma also contributed to the construction of a tailored made and built-in ice bunker. Would you like to know more about this project?

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