ROMA-insulated panels FM-4882 Approved


ROMA-insulated panels FM-4882 Approved

FM approval is granted by FM Global, a leading mutual insurance company in the Highly Protected Risk property insurance market. It offers comprehensive solutions for commercial and industrial property insurance and risk management. FM certification provides customers with the certainty that a product or service has been objectively tested and meets the highest national and international standards.

Consequences smoke development often underestimated - Reduced smoke emissions

When fires occurred, the consequences of smoke formation were often underestimated. The FM 4882 standard tests interior wall and ceiling materials or systems for smoke-sensitive applications and is designed to minimize potential safety risks and dangers in the event of an unexpected fire, in order to prevent the spread of the fire and minimize possible damage from smoke.

Comprehensive inspection and testing

To meet the FM 4882 criteria, the elements must go through tests that go far beyond the minimum requirements of ASTM E84. This process includes a detailed factory audit, during which the FM auditors check every part of the production process and the materials used. After initial on-site inspection, the panels are thoroughly tested for smoke formation and fire behavior in various test setups at the FM test center in Boston (US). ROMA undergoes regular FM follow-up audits to ensure that the products continue to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

What advantages does this offer you?

  • Lower levels of fire, smoke, wind and hail damage, in combination with FM 4880/4881 certifications.
  • Sprinkler protection can be reduced or eliminated if the layout permits.
  • A good basis for negotiations with various insurance companies.

  • Project with Roma-insulated sandwichpanels P and M

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