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Roma Products mainly produces customised doors, but we also make climate chambers and other insulated housings or casings for the food and industrial sectors. There are numerous possibilities.
Take a look at a few examples of applications below:

  • Doors and windows
  • Mobile cold storage and freezers
  • Climate cabinets
  • Pallet coolers
  • Isothermal containers
  • Climate respiration chambers
  • Airlocks
  • Demountable casing station

  • coldstorage freezer doors

    Insulated sliding doors for Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat

    The meat-processing department of Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat (formerly Vlevico) built a new factory where fresh beef, veal and pork are cut, processed and packaged. Salads, processed meats and frozen meat are also prepared in the 20,000 m² factory in Halle.
    When it comes to its construction plans, the Belgian discounter Colruyt always does a meticulous job. Employees as well as external engineers had a say in the building design. All the work processes have been crystallised in this design and were translated into an architectural plan.
    In the new factory, the Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat wanted to use hermetically closing coldstorage freezer doors. Insulated sliding doors, which would be simple to use and require little maintenance. Colruyt also pays attention right down to the smallest details of the finish and functionality. All door and window hardware, suspension and sliding systems were tested and presented for approval to check whether they satisfied the strict food safety requirements.
    Roma Products produced and installed 37 coldstorage freezer doors , including in stainless steel version and customised in accordance with the required specifications. The electrically controlled food care refrigerated and freezer doors have tailor-made stainless steel housings for control and emergency switches.

    Also take a look at current modular insulated construction projects.

    Door overview

    Mobile coldstorage and freezers

    Do you need temporary mobile coldstorage freezers? Besides indoor coldstores and freezers, Roma Products also offers insulated construction solutions for portable cold or freezer storage. This involves insulated construction for containers, usually built on a steel base frame.

  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Dimensions matched to your logistic requirements
  • High-quality and tough finish: foodsafe, fire-resistant or other specifications
  • In accordance with various standards such as HACCP, BRC and GMP
  • Also for renovation and repair of existing cold stores

  • Mobiele koelcontainer

    Climate cabinets

    Optimum temperature control for Océ Copiers machine parts

    Machine parts must be in an environment with the correct conditions, which are also of crucial importance to the quality of the document in the process of copying, plotting and printing. The well-known copier manufacturer Océ wanted temperature control for its machines with a relative humidity of 65% (+/-3%) and a temperature of +45°C, without exposure to light.

    klimaatkast lichtdicht

    Absolutely lightproof and free of condensation

    The aim was to stabilise the photoelectric layers, which results in a stable product. In technical jargon this process is also called ‘ripening’. Roma Products manufactured the insulated construction for the climate cabinets which are absolutely lightproof, free of condensation and mobile. Client DKC Totaaltechniek was then able to install the equipment for precise climate conditions and confidently deliver the whole to the copier manufacturer.

    Pallet cooling display

    Insulated housings

    Today’s consumers want ease of service in shops. For example, they want cooled crates of beer which they can lift from the shop shelves themselves. In order to satisfy this demand, supermarkets also want to be able to refrigerate a fully stacked pallet of beer crates, as well as their display cases.

    A specialist in shop presentations wanted to present fully stacked pallets with products – refrigerated – on the shop floor. They sought a solution for insulated housings. For Roma Products, the challenge was how to implement this in a cost-efficient and user-friendly way.

    After the specifications were determined, the Engineering Team designed a concept. This led to a prototype of a customised, insulated pallet cooling display. The prototype was tested in practice. Roma Products then put a number of units into batch production.

    Isothermal containers

    Insulated container construction. Customised to your logistic requirements

    Roma Products designs and produces insulated roll containers for temperature-controlled transport.
    No standard types. Only tailor-made and in co-makership with the client.

    Our experience in the logistics sector and know-how with insulated container construction has resulted in the delivery of insulated containers in batch production for a number of reputable retailers.

    Colruyt - container

    For decades now, this Belgian discounter has been transporting products from the distribution centres to its branches throughout the entire country in accordance with the principle of ‘always a full truck’. This means that the goods (dry groceries as well as refrigerated foods) are combined as much as possible and stacked on dollies (roll containers). Roma Products developed a food-safe container for the refrigerated foods in co-makership with client Colruyt. These stainless steel containers are fitted precisely to the dollies. Since the start in 2000, more than 7,000 units have rolled out of the Roma factory in Raamsdonksveer in batch production.

    Bake Five - container

    Moist pastries are a product with a limited shelf life, which taste the best only when they are really fresh. The Bake Five Groep was looking for a solution for the transport of this delicate product to the shop branches, together with its bread products, in a single truck without climate control. Roma Products first analysed the logistics path and the storage life of the moist pastries. Then we developed a prototype. Following approval by the client, the prototype was tested at TNO and in daily practice. An order for batch production then followed. In just two months, 500 insulated, customised pastry containers rolled out of the factory in Raamsdonksveer. A total of 800 were delivered. A unique solution for the insulated and food-safe transport of the moist pastries, regardless of the seasonal conditions and transport times.




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