Levarht Aalsmeer – cold stores and shipping department


Levarht Aalsmeer – cold stores and shipping department

Levarht has completed a significant expansion so it can store its wide range of products even better in cold stores with separate temperature control. Roma built the entire insulated building envelope including the pass doors, hinged doors and sliding doors, for the extension of the distribution and packaging location in Aalsmeer.

Cold store construction

The building project was divided into two stages. In 2015 Roma started on the 10,000 m² coldstore construction for 10 large cold stores and shipping reception. In 2016 Roma continued with the second stage of the project, with insulating and fire-resistant exterior walls, internal walls, ceiling and roof, to complete the shipping department with loading and unloading docks. This comprised around 5,300 m² of coldstore construction. The extension added a total of 7,000 m² to the refrigerated floor surface area.

Levarht Aalsmeer - koelschuifdeuren van Roma Products op een rij

Sliding doors, 2010 series

In the first stage, Roma Products also installed ten of its refrigeration sliding doors type KSD/2010.
In the potato, vegetable and fruit sector as also in storage and distribution sector in particular, these doors with their large and sturdy door leaves are well known for their easy operation and low maintenance. Levarht consulted various sources and references in advance to be sure to make the right choice of refrigeration doors for their logistics process.

Refrigeration doors, 2010 series

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