Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruit (AGF)


Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruit (AGF)

Challenges in the AGF sector

The optimum processing, sorting and storage of your potatoes, vegetables and fruit require more than just a controlled temperature. Conditions such as Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO), Controlled Atmosphere (CA), Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA), air flow and relative humidity can also be involved. be involved of play a role?
Creating and preserving OF maintaining the correct conditions also require prudent choices when it comes to doors and door technology. The number of applications has grown swiftly and the dimensions of the door openings of fruit storage cells are continuing to increase. At the same time, the requirements for leak tightness remain just as strict. How do you deal with this?

Customised insulated construction

Roma offers customised insulated construction for the AGF sector. Also for environments with high demands. Thus we build cold storage for the gastight storage of fruit, flower bulbs and seeds. But we also make temperature-controlled production rooms, cutting and sorting rooms.

Many vegetable and fruit growers, wholesalers and auction houses rely on Roma as manufacturer and installer of coldstore and gastight doors. Roma’s ULO sliding doors have been tried and tested worldwide and are known for their high quality and robustness.

Gastight building concept

Roma is the insulated construction specialist for your:

  • ULO cells
  • CA cells, DCA cells
  • Sorting rooms
  • Banana ripening rooms
  • Refrigerated forwarding rooms

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    Building concepts for the AGF sector

    We apply all our insulated construction concepts in the AGF sector. What stands out, of course, is the guaranteed gastight concept for ULO cells with a guarantee for leakage tightness of 0.2 cm²/100 m³ for 5 years.

    Other building concepts

    Do you also have special wishes or requirements concerning fire safety or architecture, in addition to insulation? Using our knowledge and experience, we have developed a construction concept for every theme. We can integrate the different concepts effortlessly in a single total, customised concept. Roma advises and thinks together with you in the design and constructs your industrial building for handling and storage of vegetables and fruit.

    Like to know more?

    Are you curious about how Roma isolatiesystemen can solve your insulation issues? Please contact us free of obligation. Together with you we can work on a long-term solution.

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