Fish and shellfish


Fish and shellfish

Fish shellfish sector

The optimum and efficient processing of fish and shellfish requires more than just a low temperature. Ventilation and humidity are also important. Surfaces have to be protected against the effects of salt and cleaning. All this while hygiene requirements become increasingly stricter. What does this mean for your temperature-controlled rooms?

Customised insulated construction

Specially for the fish shellfish industry, fish processors, wholesalers and fish auctions, Roma isolatiesystemen offers customisation when it comes to insulated construction systems. We think together with you in the design and construction of insulated constructions for filleting rooms, refrigerated warehouses or freezer warehouses, among other things.

Foodsafe building concept

With a view to hygiene and quality preservation, Roma isolatiesystemen developed a specific building concept. With solutions for doors, windows and finish.

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Foodsafe building concept

Apart from cold stores and freezer rooms, Roma isolatiesystemen is the insulated construction specialist for your:

  • Fish processing plant
  • Filleting room
  • Freezer rooms
  • Tunnel freezer
  • Ice bunker

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    Foodsafe and other building concepts from Roma isolatiesystemen

    Do you also have special wishes or requirements concerning thermal insulation, fire safety or architecture, in addition to foodsafety? Using our knowledge and experience, we have developed a construction concept for every theme. We can integrate the different concepts effortlessly in a single total, customised concept. Our technicians advise and think along with you in the design, and our assemblers build your industrial fish or shellfish processing building including storage.

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    Are you curious about how Roma isolatiesystemen’s insulated building concepts can help you to retain the continuity in your business or achieve your growth plans? Please contact us. Together with our specialists you can examine the possibilities and make well-founded decisions.

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